triangle shape over clouds



Triangle Capacity

2,500,000 SAT

2.5M SAT / 0.025 BTC

Spaces Available


All 3 spaces are filled

Channel Duration

12 months or more

Open at least till: June 29, 2022


This is a Bitcoin Lightning Network liquidity swap, designed to help LN node operators generate both outgoing and incoming liquidity, increase connectivity and decentralization of the network.

Swap ID: 57 was created on June 29, 2021 by Sidewaysram.

What to Do Next?

This Swap is closed for applications. Please find another Swap, and sign in to join or start a new one.

Node A

Channel Opened



Rated negatively

Applied 5 months ago and last seen 4 months ago.

Has 1,100,000 SAT capacity in 2 channels.

Rank: 4 / Mercury Node.

A have opened to B

Node B

Channel Opened



Applied 5 months ago and last seen 16 days ago.

Has 9,900,000 SAT capacity in 12 channels.

Rank: 3 / Copper Node.

B have opened to C

Node C

Channel Opened

Applied 5 months ago and last seen 3 months ago.

Has ~1.32 BTC capacity in 24 channels.

Rank: 7 / Silver Node.

C have opened to A



Sidewaysram wrote 5 months ago

Channel opened.

piggybank wrote 5 months ago



Sidewaysram wrote 4 months ago

I'm migrating node, don't be concerned if my channels to you close and then reopen. I'll pay opening fees and rebalance. It may have already happened - just a heads up to avoid a complaint :)

SwissBoulder wrote 4 months ago

Hi, you are still not reconnected to me, what is your timeline?

piggybank wrote 4 months ago

same, I saw you re-connected and now disconnected- everything ok?

SwissBoulder wrote 4 months ago

Sidewaysram you closed the channel. Please open a channel to me again, so piggybank can open to you...

piggybank wrote 4 months ago

ok I guess we got scammed by Sidewaysram

SwissBoulder wrote 4 months ago

Sidewaysram if you reconnect I will change your rating, but currently you do look like your playing games. An update and timeline would be appreciated.

piggybank wrote 4 months ago

@SwissBoulder, let's call him out on telegram groups.

SwissBoulder wrote 4 months ago

@piggybank it looks like he has set up a new profile @sidewaysrampro has not opened a channel back to me yet, but is a peer. Waiting for a channel @Sidewaysrampro


sidewaysrampro wrote 4 months ago

"call him out on telegram groups" what is this? school?

SwissBoulder wrote 4 months ago

@sidewaysrampro Piggybank is clearly spooked because you have not reopened the channel as you agreed to and said you would once the new node was up. Give the piggybank a break and please follow though with the agreement you made on this swap. Would you kindly reopen the channel so we can continue this, or at least let us know if you are just going to kill this swap?

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