14 Open for Application Liquidity Swaps

Open with Restrictions

Triangle Capacity

100,000 SAT

0.1M SAT / 0.001 BTC

Spaces Available

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Open with Restrictions

Clearnet Triangle Capacity

10,000,000 SAT

10.0M SAT / 0.1 BTC

Spaces Available

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Voltage Cloud

With Voltage you can spin up a Lightning Network node or BTCPay Server in just minutes. It runs in the cloud on enterprise-grade hardware. This is a great option for a quick and easy deployment.

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LQwD (TSXV: LQWD, OTC: LQWDF) has secured 100 plus Bitcoin and using its holdings to establish nodes and payment channels on the Lightning Network, and to operate its Platform-as-a-service that makes it easy for companies to integrate and use the Lighting Network.

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Lightning Roulette

Open source European Bitcoin Lightning Network Roulette with a provably fair algorithm. Send and receive SATs over the Lightning Network to play.

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Bleskomat is the next gen Bitcoin Lightning ATM: Instant payments, low fees, and easy setup. The Bleskomat is a powerful tool for community-driven on-boarding in cafes, bars, food trucks, festivals, and more.

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