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⚡ Unveiling Our 3rd Liquidity Swap! 🔄

Posted about 1 year ago

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Hello, Lightning Network Plus community! 🖐️
We're excited to share the news of our 3rd Liquidity Swap. 💎💰

By becoming a part of this swap, you can strengthen your node's connectivity, improving the reliability of your transactions on the Lightning Network.
Each participant's contribution brings us one step closer to a more robust Lightning Network. ⚡

Interested? We warmly welcome you to join us in this liquidity swap. 🌐🔄

         To join the liquidity swap, simply visit this page
║                                     ⚡₿lyskawica Nod∑⚡                               ║
║                             👋 You're welcome to join us!                        ║
║                                          🗲🔄 3rd Swap                                            ║
║                      🌐 [Clearnet/TOR]   📅 6 Months                        ║
║                 🤑 20000sat Liquidity [Swap Capacity]                ║

Together, we can make the Lightning Network stronger. 🤝🔗 
We're committed to providing a smooth and secure experience on our network. 🛡️⚡ 
Stay tuned for more updates! 📣💫

⚡ Launching Our First Lightning Network Watchtower!🗼

Posted about 1 year ago

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Hello, Lightning Network Plus community! 🖐️

We're super excited to announce the addition of our first Lightning Network Watchtower! 🏰
This is a significant step forward in enhancing our node's security, acting like a vigilant guardian around the clock. 👀

When a peer tries to unfairly close a channel while you're offline, the Watchtower swoops in like a superhero! 🦸‍♂️
It does this by:

  • Detecting the outdated channel close
  • Issuing a justice transaction

This process ensures that your funds remain safe. 💰

The best part? Watchtowers on LN can only issue this justice transaction when an attack is detected and they can't modify the transaction.
This means you don't need to trust the watchtower, just add it to your node. You can even add more than one! 🏰🏰

To learn more about how watchtowers work and how to add them to your node, check out our Guide on LND Watchtowers.

We're fully committed to ensuring a seamless and secure experience on our network. 🛡️⚡ 
Stay tuned for more exciting updates! 📣💫

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