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hard drive crashed

Posted 5 months ago

my hard drive crashed with my raspi set up. all channels before the 1.12.23 i ask you to close. scb is not working. i am sorry about that and hope i can trust you. thank you and you all have a nice christmas.
my new set up on the amd64 is back on and will open channels again. 

MYNode is up and running

Posted 6 months ago

i am sorry about that my Raspisetup crashed and all channels are - i don´t really know. anyways all channels before the 1. december 2023 are to be closed please when the fees allow this. The new node is a minipc ´running with amd64 and reliable as hell.  thank you

MyNodes are back up

Posted 6 months ago

I built a minipc with 16GB and 2TB MvMe for sugar now. It runs with MyNode amd64 . It is a peach .  So all old channels still need to be closed when the fees are low. Thank you 
Raspberries are not the thing to use for a routing node


Posted 12 months ago

I am movin to a pc from my raspi. means there is a chance that the scb´s might close all the channels. sorry. this will happen next week sometime.  if there is somebody with expirience working with MyNode adressing that matter i am glad to get some advice. 
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