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Rank: 6 / Tungsten Node
Capacity: 29,193,799 SAT
Channels: 15

Physical bitcoin art for the discerning maximalist. Fine art of the remnant for your citadel walls. Check out my art at https://asanoha.gold

Rank: 9 / Platinum Node
Capacity: 1,412,001,734 SAT
Channels: 127

Please use my clearnet address. Reliable partners only I'm focusing on 10mil + channels with high uptime, well connected nodes. Supporting a number of local LN vendors ..

Rank: 9 / Platinum Node
Capacity: 352,384,574 SAT
Channels: 67

use Joyeux Noeuel to accelerate your node routing + scoring. Get more lightning network visibility. Fasten your way up to top Lightning Terminal score / LigthningNetworkplus rank. JN is allways on and routing between 0,5 and 1 btc a week. try and open a channel, it will set 0 fee to allo...

Rank: 8 / Gold Node
Capacity: 158,951,824 SAT
Channels: 92

decentralized and free

Rank: 9 / Platinum Node
Capacity: 59,496,218 SAT
Channels: 77


Rank: 8 / Gold Node
Capacity: 130,356,061 SAT
Channels: 93

High reliability LN node - 24/7 Availability - Low Fees - Long Bitcoin! Short the bankers!

Rank: 7 / Silver Node
Capacity: 32,339,420 SAT
Channels: 16

We are SpendLN. Please feel free to connect to our lightning node! We are currently seeking to increase incoming channels and establish our routing node on the network.

Rank: 7 / Silver Node
Capacity: 151,920,000 SAT
Channels: 32

CUSTOM AR-15s and .45 1911s in stock NOW! Pay with BTC! We build suppressors and machine guns! Distributor or fellow FFL? Sign up for special offers!

Rank: 3 / Copper Node
Capacity: 2,500,000 SAT
Channels: 1

Welcome to the WhayPAY routing node. - Top 100 - Zero Base Fees - LN Watch Tower - Auto Re-balancing - Min. Channel 500k / Good Peer Req. 2.5m+ - Clearnet & Tor

Rank: 8 / Gold Node
Capacity: 572,805,085 SAT
Channels: 102

High uptime node on dedicated x86 hardware with ECC RAM, UPS #zerobasefees — ppm fees managed via clboss Goal: to contribute to the growth, stability, reliability of the network. Please open to my clearnet address. Let's build the new monetary network together.

Rank: 7 / Silver Node
Capacity: 651,933,597 SAT
Channels: 68

second pleb-only CLN node on dedicated hardware, so always up. will grow balanced in-out capacity to 20+btc. min channel size 1M, prefer 10M. won't disable or close channels, instead manage max_htlc. always #zerobasefee

Rank: 7 / Silver Node
Capacity: 100,505,311 SAT
Channels: 39

This is a new node - I shut down my prior node after ~15-months due to hardware issues. Now I'm back with a beefier node, high availability fiber + UPS. Let's build a monetary network together. Catch me on nostr @npub146j2myq28t6nw87e0v89q0tq47wcmsvkpdxszc5wkyqtgfsvuh7q8k2jsd

Rank: 7 / Silver Node
Capacity: 46,109,513 SAT
Channels: 44

High reliability LN node on dedicated server with power and cell backup based in Orlando, Florida.

Rank: 9 / Platinum Node
Capacity: 590,941,777 SAT
Channels: 112

I want to achieve a low fee rate, 0 Base fee and expanding routing network. UPS system and reliable fast Internet. Also, still growing. 🚀

Rank: 6 / Tungsten Node
Capacity: 52,000,000 SAT
Channels: 26

24/7 online Min Channel Size 1.0M Sats Zero Base Fee

Rank: 2 / Iron Node
Capacity: 4,050,000 SAT
Channels: 5

Germany based node. Try our Mastodon instance social.xcess.one

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