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Rank: 9 / Platinum Node
Capacity: 1,417,499,761 SAT
Channels: 122

Please use my clearnet address. Reliable partners only I'm focusing on 10mil + channels with high uptime, well connected nodes. Supporting a number of local LN vendors ..

Rank: 5 / Titanium Node
Capacity: 22,328,799 SAT
Channels: 13

Physical bitcoin art for the discerning maximalist. Fine art of the remnant for your citadel walls. Check out my art at https://asanoha.gold

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Rank: 2 / Iron Node
Capacity: 6,550,000 SAT
Channels: 10

1st Node - All Liquid. Local Redundancy. Let's Connect

Rank: 7 / Silver Node
Capacity: 59,392,742 SAT
Channels: 51

High reliability LN node on dedicated server with power and cell backup based in Orlando, Florida.

Rank: 8 / Gold Node
Capacity: 34,501,115 SAT
Channels: 25

We want freedom and we have BTC, the miracle Satoshi gave us. LN is the way to get it. nodorobico: a node to share the freedom. "Al Pianetti ne avevano fatte tante che non poteva più frenarsi"

Rank: 8 / Gold Node
Capacity: 345,790,129 SAT
Channels: 65

use Joyeux Noeuel to improve and accelerate your node routing + scoring. here is what i propose : you open a channel , say 1M€ (or more if you wish) , not much is necessary. i set zero fee. If/when it routes i'll also open a channel to you ! same size ! Or ,even better, we open a bigger d...

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Rank: 9 / Platinum Node
Capacity: 714,781,255 SAT
Channels: 154

High reliability LN node based in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Backup nodes in Toyosu, Tokyo, Japan and Switzerland.

Rank: 7 / Silver Node
Capacity: 158,327,039 SAT
Channels: 88

decentralized and free

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Rank: 3 / Copper Node
Capacity: 4,950,000 SAT
Channels: 8

#zerobasefee (3/12/23) Recently my Umbrel node died causing recovery and all channels being closed. I'm working on re-opening channels, however it's a slow process.

Rank: 7 / Silver Node
Capacity: 52,215,749 SAT
Channels: 30

24/7 Uptime, run on CLN. Actively monitored. Located in Windsor, ON, Canada

Rank: 5 / Titanium Node
Capacity: 35,472,012 SAT
Channels: 15

We are SpendLN. Please feel free to connect to our lightning node! We are currently seeking to increase incoming channels and establish our routing node on the network.

Rank: 9 / Platinum Node
Capacity: 2,071,259,595 SAT
Channels: 107