Channel Duration

Posted about 2 years ago by BTC Node

When we creating new swaps in there is option Channel Duration
But during opening channel there is no option " Channel Duration " in ubmrel or RTL 
So how it works?



LN+ Admin wrote about 2 years ago

You don't have to set it when setting up the channel. You can keep it open infinitely if it benefits you.

Within LN+ I will add related info to this page, so you can easily keep track of how much longer you must keep a channel open:

BTC Node wrote about 2 years ago

Thank you 
But what's the reason of field  "Channel Duration" ? I
f for example  it sets 3 months
in case if i closed after 2  month or 4 month i will be charged for same amount of sats


anonymEd wrote about 2 years ago

It is the minimal amount of time that you and everybody  on the ring expect to maintain the channel, but there is no mechanism of enforcement. 

BTC Node wrote about 2 years ago

ok, thanks

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