Looking for routing peers and providing inbound liquidity

Posted over 1 year ago by Cowa Lightning

Hi folks,

Cowa Lightning is currently searching for good routing peers. We are willing to open a 10M sat channel to you if:

- You have over 40 channels
- You have large channels - majority of channels are >= 5M sats (check Amboss for your avg. channel size)
- Your node is maintained and you have nice fee policies
- You have good connection and uptime
- You are dedicated to help the network grow


The Captain [Coincept.com] wrote over 1 year ago

Hi Cowa - we are always looking for new routing nodes to increase our connectivity. Welcome to LN+!

Aloha-SendIt wrote over 1 year ago

Hi, I'm interested in a channel with you. Working on my average channel size of 5 million. :)


Pantamis wrote over 1 year ago

Hi, I always welcome more inbound capacity ! I always set zero base fee (even before it was mainstream) and optimize the fee rate of each of my channels (from 0 to a lot if needed) so that I route as much as possible with my liquidity.

I am not a big node in capacity, but I am doing my best to route so feel free to open a channel to me if you want to decentralize the LN a bit :)


02fb22354383c240f9a0 wrote over 1 year ago

Feel free to open a channel with me. The bigger the better ;)


McDouchebag² wrote about 1 year ago

I am looking for inbound liquidity currently. Would you be willing to open a channel to me? I am also up for a dual-funded channel. 

Cowa Lightning

Cowa Lightning wrote about 1 year ago

@McDouchebag - tried opening to you, but getting an error that your node is offline.
@02fb22354383c240f9a0 - are you aiming to route payments or send/receive?
@Pantamis and @Aloha-Sendit - opening 10M channels to you now.

betheball wrote about 1 year ago

Hi Cowa, 

My routing node meets all your requirements and can always use more inbound liquidity. Please check and  open a channel to me! cheers!


bitsaga.org wrote about 1 year ago

Hi Cowa,
My node doesn't exactly meet requirements quite yet, but routing ~100tx/day.
Please consider opening a 5M channel, thanks!

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