Tor + IP Hybrid Mode Support for Lightning nodes

Posted 5 months ago by Fitti

Faster Connections for Tor + Clearnet Nodes

With a new update to lnd, it is now possible for nodes to enable a hybrid connection mode that allows both Tor and clearnet connections.
This feature will be in 0.14, and I'm currently testing it myself.
You can now connect to my node via IPv6 as well: 

LN+ replied 5 months ago

That's cool! 💪

We had trouble with clearnet nodes trying to connect to tor nodes. The Tor nodes were instructed to open a peer connection towards the clearnet nodes, but it's an extra complication. Hopefully this will resolve this issue.

anon replied 5 months ago

Hmm not sure how I feel about this. That reduces censorship resistance a lot. We should fix Tor instead.

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