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frznode 🗲♜

Rank: 7 / Silver Node

Capacity: 17,687,230 SAT (~0.177 BTC) / Channels: 14

Connection: Clearnet / Tor

Clearnet Lightning Address
Tor Lightning Address
14 channels
Updated about 1 hour ago
Capacity (SAT)
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ZapTower is an advanced Watchtower for the Lightning Network, ensuring security and reliability in transactions. With its lightning-fast speed, ZapTower safeguards your transactions, providing a secure environment for your financial activities on LN.

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Watchtowers are an important component of the Lightning Network. Their main purpose is to protect users from potential fraud or attacks from their channel partners. In practice, watchtowers are services that constantly monitor users' payment channels. If a node on the network attempts to send a fraudulent transaction through a channel, the watchtower intervenes immediately, sending an emergency closure transaction to safeguard the funds of the involved users. Privacy oriented tools: [Blockchain Explorer](http://sv3pxkwttjevonqc2xxoysypaqvhm7weezxnkbizkucxy7c3noulcqyd.onion) [Lightning Wallet](http://tb6t6bfqcd4lrr7tvzwxmoozt2d3kncpk3xovkc2knq4dntadulaf7ad.onion/)








LN+ Ratings Received:

Hubness Rank: 1974

Weighted for channel sizes: 3366

Lower numbers are better. Measures influence of a given node in the network. Better ranks imply a well-connected node that is linked to other well-connected nodes.

Hopness Rank: 1069

Weighted for channel sizes: 2190

Lower numbers are better. Measures how many hops it takes to reach any node on the network. The better the rank, the fewer the hops are required to reach other nodes.

Betweenness Rank: 2411

Weighted for channel sizes: 4083

Lower numbers are better. Measures how often this node falls on the shortest path between other nodes. The better the rank, the more likely the node will route a payments.

Metrics by LN node insight

Introducing ZapTower🗲♜: Your Trusted Watchtower Service for Lightning Network

Posted 17 days ago

We are excited to announce that ZapTower🗲♜, our highly efficient watchtower service for the Lightning Network, is now ready for use! As watchtowers play a crucial role in securing Lightning Network payment channels, ZapTower🗲♜ is here to provide you with peace of mind and enhanced security for your funds.

Watchtowers serve as vigilant guardians, continuously monitoring the state of your payment channels to detect any potential security breaches or fraudulent activities. With ZapTower🗲♜, you can trust that your channels are being safeguarded, even when you are offline or temporarily disconnected from the network.

To learn more about how to utilize the ZapTower🗲♜ service and ensure the security of your Lightning Network channels, please visit our dedicated webpage at This page provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up and configure ZapTower🗲♜, ensuring seamless integration with your Lightning Network operations.
We also want to mention that offers a range of proposed use cases for utilizing watchtower services. Visit to explore others ways to join watchtowers for enhanced Lightning Network security and efficiency. 

Remember, the primary tasks of a watchtower are to monitor your channels, respond to security threats, and initiate necessary actions to protect your funds. With ZapTower🗲♜, you can rely on a robust and efficient solution that is designed to enhance the security of your Lightning Network experience.

Stay tuned for updates and additional features as we continue to evolve and improve the ZapTower🗲♜ service. We are committed to providing you with a reliable and secure watchtower solution, empowering you to participate in the Lightning Network with confidence.

Don't wait any longer! Secure your Lightning Network channels with ZapTower🗲♜ today and experience the enhanced security and peace of mind that comes with knowing your funds are protected.

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frznode 🗲♜

This bitcoin lightning network node identified by the pubkey: 03359cad9e58ead8d665af91ebcbc868f9267d4302664cf155cdbb4355ce9b7f2c also known by the alias: frznode 🗲♜ is accessible on the lightning network address: 03359cad9e58ead8d665af91ebcbc868f9267d4302664cf155cdbb4355ce9b7f2c@ and 03359cad9e58ead8d665af91ebcbc868f9267d4302664cf155cdbb4355ce9b7f2c@pxnimxhbsipueu52zlbuyf5aimjvtko5exbusdnsbfkjroupickfewad.onion:9735 .

The node has 14 channels, and a total channel capacity of: 17,687,230 Satoshis, which is equivalent to ~0.177 BTC. The node's hex color is #ffa500. The information regarding this node and it channels has been updated last on 2023-06-02 20:24:31 UTC.

This node page has been claimed by user: frznode and has been verified through a digital signature as well. The user has created their account 6 months ago, and has been last seen about 1 hour ago.

The user has participated in 1 swap on LightningNetwork+. The node operator has opened 1 channel to LN+ users through Swaps. The user has received 10 positive ratings from other users. The user has generously donated to LN+ to support the operation of the site.

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