Bitcoin security 14 stores

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ZapTower is an advanced Watchtower for the Lightning Network, ensuring security and reliability in transactions. With its lightning-fast speed, ZapTower safeguards your transactions, providing a secure environment for your financial activities on LN.

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Tunnel⚡️Sats provides scripts for lightning nodes enabling hybrid mode and offers paid VPN servers on various continents for fixed terms. Our secured and LN-only configured VPNs support port-forwarding to connect with other lightning nodes.

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A hardware wallet is the safest way to manage your bitcoins. Trezor has been audited by security researchers, verified by a long track record, designed for ease-of-mind, and provides expert customer support.

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Sigwo Arms

We are a veteran-owned custom gun builder & retailer, intersecting at craftsmanship and innovation. We build exceptional firearms to unleash your shooting potential. If we don't stock it, we will get it for you! Certified Cerakote® applicators!

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Seedor sells durable yet elegant backup for your Bitcoin recovery seed. It is water, fire, acid resistant and all tools are included.

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We introduce Don't Trust, Verify to Bitcoin Backup solutions. Best Stainless Steel & Titanium - Transparent & Comparable. Steel characteristics are readable like open source code! Dont trust, verify our superior AISI 316Ti and Titanium Grade 5.

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A very simple VPN pay-as-you-go service paid via Bitcoin Lightning. They provide a VPN connection on servers in different countries for one hour, for only 10 cents in US$ paid via Lightning.

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Ledger is a French company that specializes in developing and manufacturing hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies. Their products provide secure storage and management of digital assets, such as Bitcoin, and enable users to safely transact and...

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KeepKey is a hardware wallet company that provides a secure way to store and manage cryptocurrency assets. Their product, also called KeepKey, is a USB device that generates and stores private keys offline, ensuring maximum security for users'...

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Foundation builds products that make Bitcoin and decentralized technologies accessible to everyone, enabling you to reclaim your digital sovereignty. Foundation makes Passport - the luxury hardware wallet and Envoy - the cross-platform mobile app...

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Coinkite is a company that provides a range of Bitcoin services and products. Their flagship product is the Coinkite Coldcard, a hardware wallet that allows users to securely store and manage their BTC offline. The company also offers a range of...

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Blockstream is a bitcoin company focused on developing advanced infr and apps. Key projects include: Liquid Network, Blockstream Satellite, Blockstream Mining, Blockstream Green: A Bitcoin wallet offering 2FA and multisig, and Core Lightning.