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Y'alls is developed by Alex Bosworth as a test case for the Lightning Network. Y'alls uses lnd, a Go implementation of the Lightning Network protocol. Y'alls provides a lightning powered news page and an LSP.

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Voltage Cloud

Voltage Cloud provides enterprise-grade infrastructure for the Lightning Network, offering scalable solutions whether clients require a single lightning node or thousands. Their product suite includes hassle-free lightning node management, a...

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Synonym is cultivating a Bitcoin future by designing, developing, and bootstrapping an ecosystem of software and services that enable a new peer-to-peer economy and society. Synonym operates an LSP called Blocktank and develops a Slashtag...

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LQwD (TSXV: LQWD, OTC: LQWDF) has secured 100 plus Bitcoin and using its holdings to establish nodes and payment channels on the Lightning Network, and to operate its Platform-as-a-service that makes it easy for companies to integrate and use the...

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LN Server

LN Server has a commitment to providing the Bitcoin community with the most affordable Lightning Network liquidity, ensuring your transactions are swift, cost-effective, and seamless.

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LnRouter provides Lightning Network insights for router node operators and a decentralized marketplace to purchase liquidity through CLN Liquidity Ads.



LN Big as the the largest Lightning Service Provider (LSP) with many nodes. You pay a small amount of Sats over lightning and in return to receive an incoming channel from LN Big.

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Lightning LSP that allows you to open a balanced channel. Payments through balanced channels usually succeed in both directions, increasing the probability of future forwards.

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The Swiss app for cashless payments with Bitcoin powered by Lightning.

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Lightning Network+

LN+ is this website. We provide the following services for the Bitcoin Lightning Network community: Liquidity Swaps, Watch Tower Swaps, Node Explorer, Direct Messaging, and Lightning Market.

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Deezy offers four services: Buy a zero-fee channel from the deezy node to get inbound liquidity. Swap between lightning and on-chain bitcoin. Earn by providing liquidity to the deezy node. Finally, you can launch a bitcoin-native nft project using...

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Purchase inbound channel capacity from our node The Captain [] and pay with on-chain bitcoin or lightning invoice. The service will keep the channel open for at least 30 days and longer if it remains active.