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Bitcoin lightning powered music platform, where creators and listeners can freely transact with one another in an open ecosystem.

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Host live podcasts and turn stale recordings into live shows with built-in audience monetization and be paid over Lightning. On you can also connect to people via paid messages, calls, and live streams.

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Tallycoin is a bitcoin crowdfunding platform where all donations go to a wallet under your control. The platform is designed to ensure the money is decentralized. Zero fees.

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Tagcash enables group collaboration and social media monetization using integrated crypto and fiat ewallets. Create branded communities, charge fees, deliver exclusive content, and use built-in or custom mini-apps to increase productivity.

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The transactive energy solution synchronizing data and payments with the flow of energy using Bitcoin Lightning.

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SuLu ( offers a service for monetizing APIs using the Lightning Network, a fast and secure payment system. Their solution includes setting up a lightning paywall, customized landing pages, analytics, insights, and the option for...

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Skhron is a privacy-focused VPS provider founded in Ukraine. Accepts off-chain Lightning Bitcoin.

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Sigwo Arms

We are a veteran-owned custom gun builder & retailer, intersecting at craftsmanship and innovation. We build exceptional firearms to unleash your shooting potential. If we don't stock it, we will get it for you! Certified Cerakote® applicators!

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Purse is a company that allows users to buy products on using Bitcoin. The platform acts as an intermediary, connecting individuals who have Amazon gift cards with those who want to purchase items on Amazon but prefer to pay with...

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With this PC / Mac application, you can use Lightning Network to send satellite messages with Blockstream. They can be received through specialized antennas; so it's possible to send messages to equipped recipients who are deprived of internet

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Ordimint is a user-friendly Lightning app that enables users to create inscriptions on the Bitcoin blockchain. The app features a non-custodial wallet, which connects to your Nostr key through the Alby browser extension. Additionally, it offers...

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Nostr Plebs

Nostr Plebs is a NIP-05 ID and Nostr services provider built by Bitcoiners for Bitcoiners. Nostr Plebs instantly groups your profile among other users, allowing new Nostr users to easily find you and make you identifiable. Just type...