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Nostrich.House serves as your NIP-05 provider, build by Nostriches for Nostriches. Claim your Nostr NIP-05 address instantly through our user-friendly Nostr DM bot interface. No account or KYC hassles. Lightning zap-pay within The Nostr, 1sat/hour.


Engineering enterprise with a passion for 3D printing, aerospace, software solutions, digital arts, hamradio DC8PAT, home lab & DIY.

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Mash is the monetization & relationship toolkit for the digital era. Allow users to pay, donate, and participate without subscription. Let your content drive engagement. Users can auto-pay with budgets, or pay-by-click. No download, no extensions,...

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A very simple VPN pay-as-you-go service paid via Bitcoin Lightning. They provide a VPN connection on servers in different countries for one hour, for only 10 cents in US$ paid via Lightning.

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Instantly buy travel eSIM with Bitcoin Lightning Network ⚡️ No KYC or email required

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Upload video and share it without ads and bullshit, and monetize easily with the Lightning Network.

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Lightning Network+

LN+ is this website. We provide the following services for the Bitcoin Lightning Network community: Liquidity Swaps, Watch Tower Swaps, Node Explorer, Direct Messaging, and Lightning Market.

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Lightning Labs

Lightning Labs is a technology company focused on developing and scaling the Lightning Network. Lightning Labs provided software infrastructure, tools, and services to facilitate seamless payment channels, improve network stability, and promote...

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Ledn is a financial services company specializing in cryptocurrency-related products and services, such as Bitcoin savings accounts, loans, and trading. It aims to bridge the gap between traditional finance and digital assets while maintaining...

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Joltz Rewards

Joltz enables eCommerce merchants of any size to easily offer bitcoin rewards to their customers directly within their Shopify or WooCommerce storefronts. Our enterprise API is available for partners & larger brands to deliver rewards at scale.



Reduce the costs for your online hosting services and use our site which combines many services. Pay with Lightning.

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GoSats is on a mission to bring Bitcoin investing to the masses in a risk-free manner. Redeem your bitcoin to get discounts on brands, buy NFTs, stake your bitcoin and play blockchain games.