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Host live podcasts and turn stale recordings into live shows with built-in audience monetization and be paid over Lightning. On you can also connect to people via paid messages, calls, and live streams.

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With this PC / Mac application, you can use Lightning Network to send satellite messages with Blockstream. They can be received through specialized antennas; so it's possible to send messages to equipped recipients who are deprived of internet

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Orange Pill App

Orange Pill App is a members-only social network, available for iOS & Android, that facilitate IRL connections between Bitcoiners.

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Nostr Plebs

Nostr Plebs is a NIP-05 ID and Nostr services provider built by Bitcoiners for Bitcoiners. Nostr Plebs instantly groups your profile among other users, allowing new Nostr users to easily find you and make you identifiable. Just type...


Nostrich.House serves as your NIP-05 provider, build by Nostriches for Nostriches. Claim your Nostr NIP-05 address instantly through our user-friendly Nostr DM bot interface. No account or KYC hassles. Lightning zap-pay within The Nostr, 1sat/hour.

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End-to-end encrypted, onion routed, censorship-resistant, peer-to-peer messaging and payments.

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A suite of peer-to-peer tools for communications, data transport, and payments, built directly into the web browser.

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Cipherchat is a private messaging web application that leverages the Bitcoin Lightning Network. It offers end-to-end encryption for secure communication, allowing users to connect their Lightning nodes for messaging. The platform is self-hostable,...