Tools to manage your lightning node 22 stores

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ZapTower is an advanced Watchtower for the Lightning Network, ensuring security and reliability in transactions. With its lightning-fast speed, ZapTower safeguards your transactions, providing a secure environment for your financial activities on LN.

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Umbrel makes it easy to build and setup your own Lightning Node that runs on a Raspi or a Linux computer. Umbrel comes with its own app store which features the most popular open source Lightning software.

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Tunnel⚡️Sats provides scripts for lightning nodes enabling hybrid mode and offers paid VPN servers on various continents for fixed terms. Our secured and LN-only configured VPNs support port-forwarding to connect with other lightning nodes.

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Monitor and manage your bitcoin lightning node from any browser and any device. You can open and close channels, set fees, rebalance, sign messages and make / receive payments using this tool. The tool is integrated with several LN services...

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Sigwo Arms

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Ride the Lightning

A powerful tool to help manage your lightning node. You can manage multiple nodes from the app. Available for LND, CLN, and Eclair. Natively integrated with Lightning Lab's Loop and Boltz submarine swap services.

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With this PC / Mac application, you can use Lightning Network to send satellite messages with Blockstream. They can be received through specialized antennas; so it's possible to send messages to equipped recipients who are deprived of internet

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LnRouter provides Lightning Network insights for router node operators and a decentralized marketplace to purchase liquidity through CLN Liquidity Ads.

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LN node insight

Bitcoin Lightning Network tools to help node operators make sense of the available data.

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LN.Capital builds capital management software for lightning routing nodes. Their product, Torq is specifically designed for routing nodes to help track what's relevant, stop guessing and to stay in control.

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LNbits is a free, open-source Bitcoin Lightning Wallet Accounts System that allows individuals or groups to create and manage multiple wallet accounts. It supports various extensions, providing flexibility and ease of building upon it. Users can...

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Lightning Watch

Lightning Watch is a monitoring service for your Bitcoin lightning node. You get a notification if your node is not accessible over Telegram. In order the be watched, you are required to open a small channel to the node.