Lightning infrastructure 14 stores

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Voltage Cloud

Voltage Cloud provides enterprise-grade infrastructure for the Lightning Network, offering scalable solutions whether clients require a single lightning node or thousands. Their product suite includes hassle-free lightning node management, a...

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Umbrel makes it easy to build and setup your own Lightning Node that runs on a Raspi or a Linux computer. Umbrel comes with its own app store which features the most popular open source Lightning software.

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Tunnel⚡️Sats provides scripts for lightning nodes enabling hybrid mode and offers paid VPN servers on various continents for fixed terms. Our secured and LN-only configured VPNs support port-forwarding to connect with other lightning nodes.

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The Bitcoin Machine

Hardware devices to run your personal Bitcoin and Lightning Node on Umbrel.

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Start 9 Embassy

Embassy is an elegant, plug-and-play personal server for running powerful, open-source services like Bitcoin, Lightning, data storage, password management, instant messaging, social networking, and more.


Nostrich.House serves as your NIP-05 provider, build by Nostriches for Nostriches. Claim your Nostr NIP-05 address instantly through our user-friendly Nostr DM bot interface. No account or KYC hassles. Lightning zap-pay within The Nostr, 1sat/hour.

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Nodl's main product is nodl One which is full Bitcoin and Lightning Network node. It enables you to connect to both the Bitcoin and Lightning Networks. It acts as a backend to the most popular bitcoin and lightning apps.

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Easy and powerful way to run a Bitcoin and Lightning node. myNode combines the best open source software with a custom interface, management, and support so you can easily, privately, and securely use Bitcoin and Lightning.

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Upload video and share it without ads and bullshit, and monetize easily with the Lightning Network.

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Lightning Checkout

Increase bitcoin adoption by making it easy for merchants to accept bitcoin within their company. Services available for webshops, point of sale terminals, b2b invoices and custom integrations.

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Go Brrr

Store sells 3D-printed gadgets, enclosures and bitcoin nodes, bitcoin merch, and exclusive art prints. Payment is available via Lightning.

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Regain control of your data with your personal server and Bitcoin Lightning node in your home. Not only does Citadel include a large selection of apps already available, anyone from the community can build their own app store and you can install it.