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Zaprite allows anyone to seamlessly accept payments in bitcoin and fiat in one unified hosted Checkout, whether you're issuing Invoices or selling goods or service online with Payment Links.

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The company offers a comprehensive range of products, including payments, liquidity pools, wallets, and fiat-crypto bridges. Turinwallet is the first mobile app for instant payments with bitcoin from fiat money. The Turinpay API for merchants...

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Tiankii is a non-custodial platform for merchants focused on creating the next generation of financial products, helping people to unleash the power of Bitcoin and its decentralized monetary network worldwide.

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Tagcash enables group collaboration and social media monetization using integrated crypto and fiat ewallets. Create branded communities, charge fees, deliver exclusive content, and use built-in or custom mini-apps to increase productivity.

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Start 9 Embassy

Embassy is an elegant, plug-and-play personal server for running powerful, open-source services like Bitcoin, Lightning, data storage, password management, instant messaging, social networking, and more.

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Bitcoin virtual debit cards. Add your virtual cards to your digital wallet to enable instant and secure access to funds. Easily and safely receive money from businesses, governments and financial institutions through your debit card.

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Speed is like Stripe, but it is only for bitcoin lightning. You can use the Speed platform without having any technical knowledge. We have bitcoin payment solutions for every use case, and if you can't find yours, we'll design one for you.

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Wallet and merchant solution helping the Philippines to get on the Lightning Network. Send Pesos over the Lightning Network.

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Open Node

OpenNode powers Bitcoin and Lightning payments for businesses everywhere. Get instant, lowest-cost BTC payments and payouts with our powerful API, e-commerce plugins, no-code buttons, or Hosted Checkout.

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The service allows you to accept Bitcoin and Lightning payments in your online store, charity or fundraiser, all without all the complexities of managing a lightning node. Get payments sent directly to your cold storage or lightning address.

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Neutronpay is a Lightning Payment Solution that offers a range of products, including an API designed for businesses across all regions. Additionally, it provides an app that caters to both businesses and individuals, with a special emphasis on...

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Mash is the monetization & relationship toolkit for the digital era. Allow users to pay, donate, and participate without subscription. Let your content drive engagement. Users can auto-pay with budgets, or pay-by-click. No download, no extensions,...