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The Bitcoin Company

The Bitcoin Company will help you learn, earn, spend, save, borrow, and buy Bitcoin, all in one place. They are building a simple, private, and easy to use app with all the traditional financial tools you have come to expect from your bank (with...

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Bitcoin virtual debit cards. Add your virtual cards to your digital wallet to enable instant and secure access to funds. Easily and safely receive money from businesses, governments and financial institutions through your debit card.

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Purse is a company that allows users to buy products on using Bitcoin. The platform acts as an intermediary, connecting individuals who have Amazon gift cards with those who want to purchase items on Amazon but prefer to pay with...

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Purchase Moon Visa® Prepaid Cards with Bitcoin over lightning. Pay at millions of online merchants with secure virtual cards, a temporary digital payment card that can be used to make online purchases.

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Instantly buy travel eSIM with Bitcoin Lightning Network ⚡️ No KYC or email required

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Laser Eyes Cards

Pay with style and the latest bolt card technology using lightning over NFC. Funky card designs with lights that are powered by the merchant point-of-sale device.

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GoSats is on a mission to bring Bitcoin investing to the masses in a risk-free manner. Redeem your bitcoin to get discounts on brands, buy NFTs, stake your bitcoin and play blockchain games.

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The Fold app is a mobile application that allows users to earn Bitcoin rewards while shopping at various retailers, both online and in-store. By integrating with popular brands, Fold offers cashback in the form of Bitcoin on everyday purchases,...

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Buy KYC free travel eSIM with Bitcoin over the Lightning Network. Whether you're a frequent traveler or simply looking for a more flexible mobile data solution, eSim4 has got you covered.

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Shop for Gift Cards, Mobile Top-ups & Prepaid Vouchers for hundreds of retailers. Trusted since 2014, we make living on #Bitcoin quick and easy!

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At Bitrefill, you can buy many things from phone top ups, and gift cards to incoming LN channels. They accept LN payments natively. Use the referral link and spend $50, so we both get $5 in SATs.

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Whether you need to recharge your airtime, pay bills, or buy a gift card, Bitnob has you covered with a variety of solutions to meet your needs.