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Y'alls is developed by Alex Bosworth as a test case for the Lightning Network. Y'alls uses lnd, a Go implementation of the Lightning Network protocol. Y'alls provides a lightning powered news page and an LSP.

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A media company focused on #Bitcoin, Beauty and Freedom in the Digital Age. TFTC operaters Marty's Ƀent, a daily newsletter, the TFTC Podcast and The Sat Standard a weekly news update.

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Stacker News

Stacker News is a forum (like Reddit or Hacker News) where you can earn real money for creating or curating content. Rather than collecting “upvotes” that are not redeemable or transferable on Reddit or Hacker News, on Stacker News you can earn...

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Lightning Junkies

Podcast dedicated to the Bitcoin Lightning Network. It aims to increase financial freedom throughout the world by educating about this breakthrough technology and helping people get on board.

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Kevin Rooke Show

Interviews with the builders bringing the Lightning Network to life.

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Fountain is the only place where listeners and podcasters get rewarded for the value they provide for others. Earn for your first hour of daily podcast listening. Your rate changes every day and is completely random. Earn more by listening to...

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Diamond Hands

Diamond Hands is the largest Bitcoin and Lightning community in Japan. The organization includes a lightning routing community, publishes a newsletter and reports, and facilitates open source source development. The organization also operates a...