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The app Yzer is a gamified education application focused on financial literacy, specifically in areas like Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and stock markets. It aims to make learning engaging and efficient by offering short, visually appealing classes....


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Looking Glass Education

The Looking Glass is an all-in-one educational platform built with the intention of empowering individuals to take control of their financial futures. Their focus is on building and showcasing timeless educational content that is easy to read and...

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Lightning Junkies

Podcast dedicated to the Bitcoin Lightning Network. It aims to increase financial freedom throughout the world by educating about this breakthrough technology and helping people get on board.


Premium and in-depth online tech training courses (Amazon Web Services, Cloud, containers and more)

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Kevin Rooke Show

Interviews with the builders bringing the Lightning Network to life.

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Diamond Hands

Diamond Hands is the largest Bitcoin and Lightning community in Japan. The organization includes a lightning routing community, publishes a newsletter and reports, and facilitates open source source development. The organization also operates a...

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BTC Touchpoint

BTC Touchpoint is a Bitcoin-focused educational website. It aims to provide quality information about Bitcoin, arguing for its significance as a digital, open, public, decentralized, and censorship-resistant form of money. The site encourages...

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BTC Sessions

Ben is the host of the BTC Sessions, the world's most popular YouTube Bitcoin-only educator. He has spoken at various international Bitcoin conferences and been featured in the CBC, Global News, Bitcoin Magazine, The Investor's Podcast and many more.

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Bitcoin for the Masses

After nearly a decade in the educational content space, Jonathan Levi decided to focus his attention on Bitcoin and Lightning - specifically, how to help everyday people understand and join this massive revolution. On his channel, he shares...

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Base58 is the world’s best bitcoin education company. Their developer-oriented bitcoin fundamentals courses will take you from zero to timechain hero.