Announcing LN+ Messages

Posted about 1 year ago by LN+

Following up on a popular request, I'm announcing a new feature: LN+ Messages.

LN+ Messages is similar to DMs on other platforms with one notable exception: you can only send and receive if you have logged in using your Bitcoin Lightning Network node to LN+ Messages is designed specifically only for Lightning Network operators to cooperate and communicate with each other in a private and safe way.

With LN+ Messages, you don't have to reveal your Twitter, Telegram or Email address to other parties. You can message each other without revealing any personal information. You don't have to spend SATs message embedded into a lightning transaction, and hope the other party knows how to read it. LN+ Messages works in any brower and supports rich formatting and sending images too (ex. screenshots to help each other if needed). You can even send a message to node even if they are not registered on LN+. They will get your message once they claim their node.

Features of LN+ Messages

  • New and read messages are clearly marked as such
  • You can usend a message before it's been read
  • You can flag messages that you consider spam or undesireable
  • You can block nodes from sending you messages
  • Optionally you can be notified by new messages on your email

How to Send

To message other node operators, go to their node profile (search under the Nodes navigation) and click the Message button with the envelope icon.

How to Receive

To read your messages click the Messages navigation item. You will be notified (bell icon) about any new messages you received in the navigation.

Happy messaging!

I'm eager to hear your ideas on how we can improve the service further.


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