Channel Cleanups

Posted 15 days ago by 2007GrandExchange

I just closed 8 channels with 1m or less sats. If this affected you - I'm sorry. I didn't want to comment on all of the swaps that I was backing out of, but I probably should've provided some heads up. I intend on using the funds to open a few much larger channels with well established nodes in an effort to begin understanding more about how sats get routed through my node, how fees work, and how to automate things. This will be much easier if I have fewer large channels instead of a ton of small ones. 

My node has been running for about a year now and I'm proud of what I've learned, but it's time for some spring cleaning and new learning opportunities. For the last year I've had my base fees and PPM set to 0 for the most part, and was just watching. I think it's time to earn some fees and get more involved. If you have any tips or would like to offer your help in regards to LDNg and it's auto-pilot features, I'd love to chat! DM me or respond to this post. replied 15 days ago

Hi there! I saw that you have closed our channel. Good luck with your second attempt. I wouldn´t use auto pilot in the first place. replied 15 days ago

We can open a balanced channel if you like

2007GrandExchange replied 14 days ago

Thanks for reaching out! I didn’t realize how well connected your node is, I just closed everything 1M and under. I would happily reopen a 5M triangle with you, DM me so we can coordinate the timing of creating a swap. My goal is to keep everything balanced 50/50 for a while and then I’ll determine how to better feed my channels based on the direction sats travel throughout each week. 

As for not using auto pilot, what are the pros and cons that keep you from using it? I was under the impression that it will never operate at a loss, but I’m still learning. 

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