☂️ LN+ is now available in the Umbrel app store

Posted 28 days ago by LN+

Lightning Network Plus (LN+), the free web app that helps lightning node operators to team up and create liquidity swaps to get free incoming liquidity, is now also available in the Umbrel app store.

There are several benefits to the offline Umbrel version of the app:
⚡️ Automatic Sign-in: No need to sign a message with Thunderhub or other apps
⚡️ Swaps Available for Me page: Easier to find swaps that match your node
⚡️ One-Click Channel Open: No need to copy paste node and channel capacity information
⚡️ Insufficient On-Chain Funds Detection: No more confusion around why the channel won't open

Swaps Index Page

The offline Umbrel app is meant to make it easier for new node operators getting started, therefore it offers all the basic required functionality (finding, joining and creating swaps, rating, comments, etc.)  of the online version and some more. But, it doesn't offer all the features of the online version (ex. asking support questions, receiving and sending messages, creating posts, browsing node profiles, etc.). If you want to use all the features you can also sign-in with your node here. All your settings, and activity is synced between the offline and online versions.

Swap Details Page

If you're running an Umbrel node, I hope you will test out the app and enjoy the simpler experience. If you find any bugs, wish for a feature or have any trouble, let me know! Happy to help!

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