My lightning node is down at the moment due to issues with my BTCPay Server (hopefully will be back online in the next day or so)

Posted over 1 year ago by CHILLYCALENDAR

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know that my node is currently down.  It's due to an issue with my BTCPay Server NBXplorer is stuck syncing meaning my node is stuck on 99%.  

I believe this is what's happening:

Hopefully I should have it fixed in the next day or so.  I may take the downtime opportunity to upgrade my BTCPay Server to the latest 1.7.5 version as well.

Kind Regards,


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CHILLYCALENDAR wrote over 1 year ago

OK my node is back up and operational again :-)   My apologies for the downtime.
The fix here worked like a charm:

If any of you are running BTCPay Server with a pruned node and you have issues with NBXplorer being stuck at a block the fix in that github post works perfectly.  In my case I couldn't get the pruned block height number using getblockchain info as it gave an error message so I ran:

docker logs -f --timestamps generated_nbxplorer_1

Then I used the first BTC: Height number in the log file to restart the sync from.

Given my server uptime is so critical to my payments business I will now get to work on some custom scripts so I can see in real time if/when a sync issue like this occurs again and to notify me via a cron job to my email. 

Kind Regards,


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