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Over the last couple of months we supported the implementation of an BTCPay Server on a new BTC node and other crypto payment systems at the online shop of CryptoComicStories.com.  We also enabled the Crowdfunding feature of the BTCPayServer (see https://payment.cryptocomicstories.com/) and routed the local node address using the cloudflare service.  The website is operating on Wordpress and WooCommerce as shop system, the payment channels are focusing on Bitcoin & Altcoins but offering a Fiat payment as well.

At CryptoComicStories.com, they strive to make learning about cryptocurrencies and their impact on the world an enjoyable experience. Their engaging comic stories aim to entertain readers of all ages while fostering a deeper understanding of the evolving financial landscape.

Get ready to uncover the secrets of cryptocurrencies and how they are revolutionizing our financial system. Visit and supoport this educational Bitcoin project: https://cryptocomicstories.com/shop/


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