Bitcoin Lightning Network Node

Capacity: ~0.687 BTC / Public Channels: 12

LN+ Liquidity Credits: 13.137M SAT
Connection: Clearnet / Tor
Rank: 4 / Mercury
Clearnet Lightning Address
Tor Lightning Address
Last seen 3 days ago · Joined about 1 year ago

Hello, passionate Bitcoin enthusiasts from around the world! I'm delighted to introduce myself as a fervent supporter of the Bitcoin network, and the proud operator of the this Bitcoin Node. Step into the extraordinary realm of decentralized finance with me! At this Bitcoin Node, we are dedicated to fortifying the integrity, security, and decentralization of the Bitcoin network. Powered by an myNode installation on a Raspberry Pi 4, our setup is rock-solid. With an remarkable 1TB SSD storage, we effortlessly process and validate Bitcoin transactions, guaranteeing absolute accuracy and security for the blockchain. Embracing the Bitcoin Network, our Bitcoin Node ensures swift and dependable access to blockchain data, facilitating seamless synchronization and efficient transaction validation. The high-performance of our configuration enhances the node's responsiveness and reliability, making it a force to be reckoned with. Situated on the mesmerizing planet Earth, our Bitcoin Node firmly believes in the fundamental principles of financial freedom and censorship resistance, which lie at the heart of the Bitcoin revolution. By running this node, we actively engage in the Bitcoin ecosystem, independently validating transactions and blocks to promote transparency and trust. Don't hesitate to reach out and connect with me. Let's dive deep into captivating discussions about all things Bitcoin. Whether you're curious about blockchain technology, need assistance with setting up your own node, or simply want to engage in riveting conversations about the latest developments in the crypto world, I'm here to offer my unwavering support. We are actively supporting the following initiatives: *) Comics to educate people about the wonderfull world of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. https://CryptoComicStories.com/ *) Video page and Nostr integration, where the technology is fully based on lightning. Have a look and support the Bitcoin education as well! Together, we have the power to shape the future of finance and empower individuals with the incredible concept of financial sovereignty through decentralized technology. Join me on this thrilling journey!








LN+ Ratings Received:

Hubness Rank: 4248

Weighted for channel sizes: 4072

Lower numbers are better. Measures influence of a given node in the network. Better ranks imply a well-connected node that is linked to other well-connected nodes.

Hopness Rank: 4323

Weighted for channel sizes: 2178

Lower numbers are better. Measures how many hops it takes to reach any node on the network. The better the rank, the fewer the hops are required to reach other nodes.

Betweenness Rank: 3731

Weighted for channel sizes: 1101

Lower numbers are better. Measures how often this node falls on the shortest path between other nodes. The better the rank, the more likely the node will route a payments.

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This bitcoin lightning network node identified by the pubkey: 0308fd0d35fe851aeb67e0a328f2b8cc33d464beeb521f126b00dfeaf94f769bca also known by the alias: ₿⚡0308fd0d35fe851aeb67 is accessible on the lightning network address: 0308fd0d35fe851aeb67e0a328f2b8cc33d464beeb521f126b00dfeaf94f769bca@ and 0308fd0d35fe851aeb67e0a328f2b8cc33d464beeb521f126b00dfeaf94f769bca@ww54tkvk75myynutrsthggr4ajckqfgrkoknnsdlnz727xfkdmm32uad.onion:9735 .

The node has 12 channels, and a total channel capacity of: 68,735,600 Satoshis, which is equivalent to ~0.687 BTC. The node's hex color is #68f442. The information regarding this node and it channels has been updated last on 2024-04-22 14:13:21 UTC.

This node page has been claimed by user: ₿⚡0308fd0d35fe851aeb67 and has been verified through a digital signature as well. The user has created their account about 1 year ago, and has been last seen 3 days ago.

The user has participated in 19 swaps on LightningNetwork+. The node operator has opened 19 channels to LN+ users through Swaps. The user has received 14 positive ratings from other users. The user has generously donated to LN+ to support the operation of the site.

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