Announcing our inbound liquidity service.

Posted over 2 years ago by LND ⚡ Routing

We're happy to announce our new paid inbound channel service. While we still occasionally participate in swaps to manage our own liquidity, we're primarily a for-profit node with investors who have provided over 100BTC.

Benefits of using our service:
  • Actively managed liquidity, virtually guaranteeing successful payments up to your channel size.
  • Large channels to popular destinations and major routing nodes.
  • Open channels to any node, for a friend, or to your favorite service provider.
  • Private LN-only interface via Tor, minimizing our attack surface and maintaining uptime.
  • Fast clustered servers for reliability.
  • Up to 1.5BTC channels, minimum 100k sats. Larger available on request with proven routing history.
  • Competitive pricing and fees.

See for channel opening instructions.

Open an outbound channel to us any time for routing and making payments.



LN+ Admin wrote over 2 years ago

Great service. How long do you plan to keep the channels open?

The method to open a channel is fun for those who are comfortable with math and the command line. Are you planning to create a more newbie friendly website?

I calculated the charges:
1M SAT channel - fee: 3,000 SAT (~1.10 USD)
10M SAT channel - fee: 25,500 SAT (~11.00 USD)
1 BTC channel - fee: 250,500 SAT (~110.00 USD)

OrangeLantern wrote over 2 years ago

your script worked (almost) like a charm! thanks!

just a small "bug" report: when it tries to connect to your node, if my node is already connected he thinks he failed.

this detail apart, everything was clear and worked nicely!

LND ⚡ Routing wrote over 2 years ago

@LN+ Channels may be closed after 1 month of inactivity, but only if the liquidity is needed elsewhere.

As for a website, the one thing we're lacking is someone good at web/UI development or graphic design. We do have the python script that takes care of the math and asks for simple inputs on the CLI.

@OrangeLantern Thanks for the bug report. We missed that path in testing and the script has been updated.

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