Apparent DoS, channel service not restarted, and other headaches.

Posted 11 days ago by LND ⚡ Routing

Our node seems to have been under sporadic DoS for the past week or so. We are still unsure how that exactly works over Tor.

As of now, we have massively increased resources to the VM, which has managed to keep things online. During the last instance, there were over 10000 incoming connections when we don't have anywhere near that many peers.

If you attempted to use the channel service, please retry. The app quits when LND is restarted, and didn't get restarted for a couple hours a few times while we were diagnosing. All successfully paid-for channels are processed as soon as it is launched, but we do see a number parameter update requests in the logs where we assume the user gave up after not receiving a response.

LN+ replied 10 days ago

Looks like some people are unhappy about your success. Keep fighting the good fight. 💪

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