Temporary Closure - for Upgrades

Posted 9 months ago by Shtacks_City

Dear Channel Partners,

I will need to close down all my channels maybe later this month. By this point, nearly all of my contracts should expire. 

For those contacts with some time left outstanding, I would be happy to pay for your opening and closure fees where you opened a channel to me.

I am taking this step to prevent any accidental mistakes and avoid unnecessary loss of funds. These funds are important for the network from a liquidity/route availability stand point and to myself who likes to shtack sats.

Keeping all channels open would be great, however, I feel that this risk is too high with the setup changes that I will need to make in the coming months.

Thank you for your understanding.



Shtacks_City wrote 9 months ago

I aim to mutually/cooperatively close the channels at a time where fees are very low. 7 sat/vB or lower is my target.

Shtacks_City wrote 8 months ago

Given that fees are relatively high now, I will be delaying all of my upgrades until a better fee environment emerges.

Shtacks_City wrote 8 months ago

The purpose of doing these upgrades was to fix my connections issues which led to my node losing connection randomly. I will keep my node active for 2 weeks and if my node has no issues within this time period then I will keep the channels active and make no further changes to my setup.

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