New Community Announcement - Censorship Free Eros Payments

Posted 6 months ago by CHILLYCALENDAR

Dear Fellow Lightning Network Node Operators,

I hope it's OK for me to announce this here.  I have created a new community over on Amboss Space for Bitcoin Lightning Network node operators that would like to help support the payments of businesses involved in providing sex related products and services or adult entertainment including sex work, strip clubs, host and hostess clubs, online adult entertainment and so on. 

The link to the community is:

I want to create a network of lightning network nodes that are committed to achieving censorship free payments for the sex industry worldwide to permanently solve the issue of debanking and payments censorship for the industry and to use this as a test case for other industries that have similar issues with payments censorship and banks. 

The overarching goal of the community is to create a network of sex industry and sex industry friendly lightning nodes connected to each other with payment channels open between nodes so the sex industry globally can process payments 100% free from censorship.  Payments that cannot be blocked, censored or frozen. 

My ultimate goal: A Bitcoin Lightning Network node located (or providing services to) every major red light district in the world. 

I maintain a website where I have created an interactive map of lightning nodes that have joined me in this quest:

If you're interested in this please join my new community on and I will add your node to the map on my website.

You can learn more about my open source project Bitcoin is for Everyone on my YouTube channel:

Kind Regards,


Clarke Towson
INTJ Billing


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