IntergalacticBtcFund asked 10 months ago

Feature Request: Clearnet/Hybrid/Tor-Only selection for Swap applications

I run a Hybrid node, and I would like to avoid adding more Tor-Only nodes, due to reliability and latency issues.  I realize Tor may be something another person/person may desire; especially in an oppressive (aka.brain dead) jurisdiction - so they could also filter non-tor partners.



LN+ wrote 10 months ago

This is already available. You can create or filter for such swaps. Let me know if I misunderstood your request by any chance.


IntergalacticBtcFund wrote 10 months ago

Bah, Right you are!  Sorry to bother, I've had this question saved up in my head for a while - and it seems you implemented it before I got around to submitting the Q.

  :)  TY !!!


LN+ wrote 10 months ago

Glad to hear! Thanks for sending in the idea. Keep em coming!

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