MerchantConnectHUB asked 12 days ago

Pool channel opened but still pending channel opening

I'm trying to open my first pool channel. My offer was accepted and i opened a channel. I clicked the "Channel opening started" button, but then nothing seemed to happen. The "Channel opening started" button is still there, the "You have 1 pool channels to open: 2053" notification is still at the top of the page. The task progress is still showing as "Pending channel opening by MerchantConnectHUB" seems to be aware of the opened channel elsewhere. i.e. The channel is showing on my profile.

Maybe I just have to wait longer. But it should at least indicate that I've clicked on the "Channel opening started" button and progress to the next task "Scheduled channel confirmation by LN+"



LN+ Admin wrote 12 days ago

Thank you for the report! I fixed it. The issue was that scarce-city was set to not accept any more pool channels, after accepting your offer. I will fix this bug...

MerchantConnectHUB wrote 12 days ago

Great, thanks. love your work

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