LN+ asked over 2 years ago

How many channels do I need to open?

I already have one Bitcoin Lightning Network channel. Do I need to open more?



LN+ Admin wrote over 2 years ago

The number of channels depends on your goals.

One is likely sufficient if you only want to spend or receive funds. And over time you may want to do both. However, one channel gives little redundancy. If your channel partner goes down for an update or because of technical issues you will not be able to send or receive for the that period of time. It's recommended that you open at least 2 or 3 channels as minimum.

If you're looking to help the Bitcoin Lightning Network community or want to earn fees from routing the more channels the better.


HeavyBags.LN wrote over 2 years ago

how many open channels usually do I need to get tagged as "Have plenty channels"  in terminal.lightning.engineering

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