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Play games for Bitcoin, bring superpowers to your community, collect tips on your stream and a whole lot more. This is the one tool you'll need to start playing for Bitcoin.



THNDR is a next generation competitive gaming platform and suite of developer tools for powering mobile games and applications with real-world value.

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Saving Satoshi

Light-hearted first point of contact for developers who are curious about bitcoin development. The game has a mix of technical text and code-based challenges, but the challenges should be doable for anyone with basic coding skills. The project is...

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Nakamoto Roulette

Nakamoto Roulette is an online roulette platform that allows players to bet using Bitcoin via the Lightning Network. Prioritizing absolute privacy, the platform operates without requiring any personal information from its players, ensuring...

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LN Scratch

Play for free and get real bitcoins. Login using your Bitcoin Lightning Wallet of choice (e.g. Wallet of Satoshi, Breez, Phoenix Wallet, Alby and more). You get 3 tickets every day.

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LN Games

LN Games is a Hyper Casual gaming platform that makes earning Bitcoin fun and engaging with a platform that is being designed to bring together game enthusiasts and developers alike, creating a community that benefits everyone. With LN Games, you...

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Lightning Roulette

Open source European Bitcoin Lightning Network Roulette with a provably fair algorithm. Send and receive SATs over the Lightning Network to play.

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Lightning Bazaar

A small Bitcoin Only market place for our family and friends to share and explore our hobbies. You get over 20% off when paying in sats!

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Hyperview is an exhilarating FPS arena shooter that blends intense action with the chance to earn Bitcoin through gameplay. With support for up to 32 players, it offers a variety of weapons and focuses on agile movement. Players earn Sats,...