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The world's first native Lightning parimutuel betting platform.

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Texas HODL

The future of online poker with TEXAS HODL, we're revolutionizing the game for the modern, cryptocurrency-empowered player. Experience the rush of classic poker, now accelerated by the unrivalled speed and ironclad security of the Lightning Network.

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Nakamoto Roulette

Nakamoto Roulette is an online roulette platform that allows players to bet using Bitcoin via the Lightning Network. Prioritizing absolute privacy, the platform operates without requiring any personal information from its players, ensuring...


Provably fair blackjack with bitcoin lightning!

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Lightning Roulette

Open source European Bitcoin Lightning Network Roulette with a provably fair algorithm. Send and receive SATs over the Lightning Network to play.

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Delphi is a prediction market based on the bitcoin lightning network. Currently, the market is running on mutinynet since it's still WIP.

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BC Game

BC.GAME is a crypto casino accepting Bitcoin and Lightning that prioritizes a player-centric approach. It offers a range of gaming options, including in-house games, live casino, slots, and sports betting on various events like football and...