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The future of online poker with TEXAS HODL, we're revolutionizing the game for the modern, cryptocurrency-empowered player. Experience the rush of classic poker, now accelerated by the unrivalled speed and ironclad security of the Lightning Network.

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Capacity: ~0.076 BTC / Channels: 9

Connection: Tor

Rank: 6 / Tungsten
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Shango wrote 11 days ago

This Node will be used in conjunction with a new online poker website that uses Lightning as the payment system. The game is cash in and cash out.  There are no bots in the game. It has been built for the players.  It has a rake back system in built with referral links. Visit www.texashodl.net to check it out. We will be starting some beta testing soon!! Get in contact if you are interested in becoming an affiliate or would like to join in the Beta testing!!

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