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For lightning beginners who wish to learn about the lightning network, and the ins and outs of running their own lightning node. If you have been in bitcoin for a while, but are new to lighting lets connect and learn together!







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Rebalancing Swaps via Terminal (easy)

Rebalancing Swaps via Terminal (easy)

Posted 7 days ago

Rebalance your swaps using an Umbrel Node and a Mac...

open Terminal

Login to your umbrel node:
 ssh umbrel@umbrel.local
hit [ENTER]
enter your umbrel password and hit [ENTER]

cd ~/umbrel/bin     

Go to your swap page and COPY the following code (the XXX will be the amount of the rebalance):     
lncli addinvoice --amt XXXXXX

In Terminal type:
sudo docker exec lnd 
then paste the info from your swaps page.  It should look something like this: 

sudo docker exec lnd lncli addinvoice --amt 250000

and hit [ENTER]

This will create an invoice.  In Terminal you can see the details of this invoice.  We will use those details later.

docker exec -it lnd sh
hit [ENTER]

Now go back to your swap page and copy the large section of code that starts with "lncli buildroute amt....."

In Terminal type:
and paste the large block of code.

Now, scroll up in Terminal and find the invoice info that we created earlier.  Copy the string of characters in the "payment_addr" field.
scroll back down to your block of code that you pasted and replace [PAYMENT_ADDR] with the code you copied from the invoice info.  NOTE: delete the [] and add "" around the pasted sting.

Then copy the [R_HASH] value from the invoice info and paste it in the block of code in the corresponding section.  Again, deleting the [].  This time DO NOT add ""

 It should look like this:

Then hit [ENTER].   That's it!

I will join another swap and I'll try to record rebalancing and post a link to the video here.  


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This bitcoin lightning network node identified by the pubkey: 02443cd7658158fd7c75bb5e3769b4bd3e3e6ca1db1a3cb8f0da82e2eceafa1959 also known by the alias: is accessible on the lightning network address: 02443cd7658158fd7c75bb5e3769b4bd3e3e6ca1db1a3cb8f0da82e2eceafa1959@wq64l5vodh64w3ggc3cgxdf5hxt5wr2sb5x2f6v5z3wz2qdykgknm3ad.onion:9735 .

The node has 5 channels, and a total channel capacity of: 2,598,000 Satoshis, which is equivalent to ~0.026 BTC. The node's physical location and IP address is protected by the TOR network to preserve privacy. The node's hex color is #3399ff. The information regarding this node and it channels has been updated last on 2021-11-29 11:57:37 UTC.

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