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This bitcoin lightning network node identified by the pubkey: 03daf97cf2f540068cb63ba2731b256ab16dd953974a6588f4701545d39d7350fb also known by the alias: Lo0tPiggyPig is accessible on the lightning network address: 03daf97cf2f540068cb63ba2731b256ab16dd953974a6588f4701545d39d7350fb@zhbyt6hkft6xhzoxzwbjywjgqfqyqdvdov3eopery7opg64ckkrhqsqd.onion:9735 .

The node has 29 channels, and a total channel capacity of: 73,700,000 Satoshis, which is equivalent to ~0.737 BTC. The node's physical location and IP address is protected by the Tor network to preserve privacy. The node's hex color is #68f442. The information regarding this node and it channels has been updated last on 2022-02-17 18:25:36 UTC.

This node page has been claimed by user: Lo0tPiggyPig but has not yet been verified with a digital signature. The user has created their account 8 months ago, and has been last seen 8 months ago.

The user has not yet participated in any swaps on LightningNetwork+. The node operator has not yet opened channels to other LN+ users through Swaps. The user has not yet received positive ratings from other users.

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