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Rank: 0
Capacity: 21,000 SAT
Channels: 1

Hey! This is me: Bini. This is my first step into this exciting lightning network space and i am happy to be here. I will try to get as many informations about this space as i can and i wont stop until i fully understood every detail. My long term goal is to help the lightning network and to ...

Rank: 9 / Platinum Node
Capacity: 1,201,673,610 SAT
Channels: 241

Strong router node. Hundreds of payments forwarded daily. #ZeroBaseFee for all and minimal fees. Actively managed by experienced and enthusiastic operator. Automatic scripts (rebalancing, reconnecting, fees management, etc). Feel free to open channels and contact via Telegram or Twitter, let's bu...

Rank: 8 / Gold Node
Capacity: 316,998,506 SAT
Channels: 37

Non for profit node. Trying to build, help and provide liquidity to the network. Feel free to open channel, I will try to rebalance.

Rank: 8 / Gold Node
Capacity: 55,763,795 SAT
Channels: 86


Rank: 7 / Silver Node
Capacity: 132,885,273 SAT
Channels: 51

Supporting the Lightning Network while learning and connecting to likeminded bitcoiners around the world.

Rank: 7 / Silver Node
Capacity: 127,499,999 SAT
Channels: 20

Liquid Cooled Sats Stacking | running nodes in the cloud on the best hardware for 24/7/365 predictability

Rank: 9 / Platinum Node
Capacity: 985,328,794 SAT
Channels: 100

Open a 5M+ channel here and we'll balance 1M+ to make it a good routing channel. #zerobasefee on balanced channels to other #zerobasefee nodes. Lower routing fees with swap partners, focusing on balanced channels. Private channels welcomed with even lower fees! Join the Federation by pledging...

Rank: 8 / Gold Node
Capacity: 189,899,324 SAT
Channels: 51
Rank: 7 / Silver Node
Capacity: 111,389,543 SAT
Channels: 88

High reliability LN node based in Sweden - 24/7 Availability - Low Fees - Long Bitcoin! Short the bankers!

Rank: 8 / Gold Node
Capacity: 145,444,000 SAT
Channels: 65

We are now united thru sound money and monetary accountability. Bitcoin is a new way forward for humanity.

Rank: 8 / Gold Node
Capacity: 341,649,353 SAT
Channels: 80

We help the Lightning Network to grow and be increasingly decentralized. No more connections only with large nodes, the real Lightning Network are us! My node is fast and 99% online!

Rank: 10 / Iridium Node
Capacity: 25,697,827,485 SAT
Channels: 1009

Min channel size of 1,000,000 sats - come join the party!

Rank: 7 / Silver Node
Capacity: 33,925,907 SAT
Channels: 35

feel free to open a new channel to my Node without LN+. I will try to rebalancing

Rank: 8 / Gold Node
Capacity: 317,641,448 SAT
Channels: 81

I want to achieve a low fee rate, 0 Base fee and expanding routing network. UPS system and reliable fast Internet. Also, still growing. 🚀

Rank: 7 / Silver Node
Capacity: 182,866,100 SAT
Channels: 100
Rank: 10 / Iridium Node
Capacity: 4,531,087,936 SAT
Channels: 226

Buy inbound liquidity from me on - https://amboss.space/magma/offer/8918b2aa-e180-42fb-a538-de98205237ca - https://amboss.space/magma/offer/8d29edec-3b4e-4ca9-8836-bb9b9c3d8cac

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