Lightning Liquidity Pool

Get incoming capacity & increase your channels
Decentralize the network & earn fees

How the pool works?

If you have a Bitcoin Lightning Node and you want to get incoming capacity, you can join our liquidity pool. In order to join you have to buy or earn liquidity credits. Once you're in the pool, nodes will open channels to you in return for your credits. You have full control over to whom you open and who opens to you. The process takes 4 simple steps. We will give you instructions all throughout the process to make it easy.

Set up and Sign in

Set up a lightning node. Open at least one channel to any node, so we can see your node. Sign in with your node to gain access to your profile and start participating.

Buy or Earn Credits

Either simply buy liquidity credits from LN+, or earn credits for free: pick a node below, create a channel opening request, wait for approval and finally open channel.

Receive Channel

Once you have liquidity credits, your node will appear in the liquidity pool. Node operators will offer to open a channel to you in return for your credits. Accept and receive the new channels.

Rate Participants

Enjoy the increased incoming liquidity on your node. Rate your experience with the participants and increase your reputation score.

263 Nodes found in the Liquidity Pool

Nodes with liquidity credits eligible to receive channels

Ordered by Liquidity Credit Balance : Page 2

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Credits: 21.99M SAT
Min. Channel Size: 5.0M SAT
Capacity: 12.464 BTC
Public Channels: 118
Connection: Clearnet / Tor
Rank: 9 / Platinum
68 Ratings: 100%
Accepting anchor channels >5M sats. Active fee management and rebalancing.

Inter arma enim silent leges

Credits: 19.0M SAT
Capacity: 45.37M SAT
Public Channels: 29
Connection: Clearnet / Tor
Rank: 7 / Silver
14 Ratings: 100%
I criticize by creation, not by finding fault.
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Credits: 17.1M SAT
Capacity: 2.183 BTC
Public Channels: 33
Connection: Tor
Rank: 7 / Silver
10 Ratings: 100%
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BTC Nigeria

Credits: 17.07M SAT
Capacity: 2.073 BTC
Public Channels: 56
Connection: Tor
Rank: 7 / Silver
44 Ratings: 98%
* Routing node * 24/7/365 * 1 gbits up/down, dedicated hardware * Zero based fee * Automatic, routing optimized f...

Absolute Virtue

Credits: 16.0M SAT
Capacity: 13.2M SAT
Public Channels: 11
Connection: Tor
Rank: 3 / Copper
9 Ratings: 90%
full time dedicated node located in ONTARIO, CANADA
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Credits: 15.917M SAT
Min. Channel Size: 3.0M SAT
Capacity: 1.784 BTC
Public Channels: 39
Connection: Tor
Rank: 6 / Tungsten
16 Ratings: 100%

Credits: 15.6M SAT
Min. Channel Size: 5.0M SAT
Capacity: 1.673 BTC
Public Channels: 27
Connection: Clearnet / Tor
Rank: 6 / Tungsten
57 Ratings: 100%
Who is John Galt? Lets stop the motor of the fiat world. Online 24/7.
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Credits: 15.479M SAT
Capacity: 16.649 BTC
Public Channels: 224
Connection: Clearnet / Tor
Rank: 10 / Iridium
175 Ratings: 100%
I'm keen to join clearnet swap 5M+. Ping me, thank you. For opening to me on the Pool, please have clearnet & channel...
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Credits: 15.0M SAT
Capacity: 5.35M SAT
Public Channels: 1
Connection: Tor
Rank: 5 / Titanium
1 Rating: 100%


Credits: 14.964M SAT
Capacity: 2.474 BTC
Public Channels: 43
Connection: Clearnet
Rank: 8 / Gold
13 Ratings: 100% Lightning Network Node


Credits: 12.865M SAT
Min. Channel Size: 500.0K SAT
Capacity: 76.05M SAT
Public Channels: 31
Connection: Clearnet / Tor
Rank: 7 / Silver
7 Ratings: 100%
"To Fly Is Heavenly ... To Hover Is Divine!" Actively managed node on high availability 300 Mbps Fiber connection, wi...

Sats Router

Credits: 12.54M SAT
Capacity: 71.0M SAT
Public Channels: 20
Connection: Tor
Rank: 7 / Silver
28 Ratings: 100%
Growing a Lightning Node, willing to work with responsible peers & channels connected with this node. Node is runn...