Lightning Network is awesome!

Posted 13 days ago by DarthCoin

Here is a list of services and cool things you can do on Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Let's start with this awesome list of services done with LNURL
And also The Lightning Address - amazing way to send/receive sats
You want a cool LN Address? Here is a nice domain:

Wallets, bots

LNTXBOT - Telegram tip bot and LNDHUB wallet
CoinOS - Browser LN wallet, swaps, PoS, good for merchants
Blixt wallet - full Neutrino LND node, LN Address, keysend, LSP
Nayuta Core - full Neutrino LND node
Zeus LN - mobile wallet, LND node management, LNDHUB, LN Address
Fully Noded - node management (iOS)
BlueWallet - custodial / non-custodial LN mobile/desktop wallet
Phoenix - LN mobile wallet, swaps
Muun - LN mobile wallet, swaps
Breez - LN mobile wallet, podcasting, LN Address, keysend
Zap - LN mobile wallet, LND node management
Spark - LN wallet, C-Lightning node management
Zebedee - nice simple LN wallet for gamers and social media
Electrum - LN mobile wallet
Acinq - LN mobile wallet
Lightning App - desktop LND Neutrino node
Cheese Robot - Telegram bot for node management

Node software, hosting - Umbrel OS node - myNodeBTC OS node - RaspiBlitz OS dedicated to Raspberry Pi machines - Embassy OS node, based on RaspPi - Nodl Plug'n'Play node OS - LN node for merchants - hosted cloud LN node - hosted LN node - Node Launcher, easy node for Windows users
Eclair Node - Windows node with Eclair
Standard LND node - Linux node machine with Tor
⚡ CoinCharge Hosted BTCPay Server

Tools, explorers, analyzers, stats - LN nodes Explorer, Billboard messaging, LN communities - LN Tools for node operators - LN explorer, tools, Telegram bot - Map of LN nodes - LN nodes browser and stats - LN nodes browser - Get LN liquidity - Nice tool preview over your node - tool that can recommend peers - very good tool to analyze your node and peers - Visualizing the nodes and channels - graphs and stats about LN - inbound liquidity, Watchtower provider - Lightning Network invoice decoder - send OP_RETURN tx onchain, paid with LN

Software bundles, applications, solutions - Amazing LN extensions services on top of your LN node - Allows you to pay for redirects and fund with an lnurl. - a personal lnurl tipping server - private phone calls over LN - Secured chat, podcasting on LN - be paid for your podcasts in sats - Secured chat, wallet LN - LN for automatic "afterlife" message - Decode LN requests - Test LNURL-Auth - Create LN testing setups - p2p subscription/donation system

Services, earn sats, tasks, various - News aggregator, login and tip with LN - Pay per vid or unlock and watch each story - Various cool LN apps - Tasks market, earn sats on LN - Tasks market, earn sats on LN - LN Auctions - Send SMS, pay with LN - Create LN vouchers - Burner 4G eSIM paid with LN - Pay for downloads with LN - Create LN paywalls and faucets - Send QR voucher, supported by all wallets - jobs panel related with LN - earn sats doing tasks, surveys - livestream paid messages - feed some sheep with sats on LN, Livestream - trade on Lightning Network! - split payment bill using LN - advertise your lightning app on a button - livestream or upload videos and earn sats - content creators paid with sats - earn Bitcoin rewards - buy travel tickets using LN (LN ATM on premise too)
⚡ - This holiday season, spend some sats for someone else!

Merchants lists - recharge virtual cards/credits, pay bills - recharge virtual cards/credits, pay bills - List LN stores - List of merchants accepting LN - Massive list of Bitcoin-friendly VPS providers - BTCPay Merchants List - Who accepts Bitcoin/LN

Exchanges, swaps, satsback
A curated list with more exchanges here from which we mention these apps: - coinjoin LN to onchain - Swap LN sats to onchain - Swap sats onchain to LN - Swap LN to onchain BTC - Send fiat with LN to VISA cards - VISA card paid by LN, no KYC - Easy BTC DCA, withdraw to LN - simple, LN wallet, exchange - BTC/LN vouchers, no KYC - Telegram Bot buy BTC on LN - simple, LN supported, VISA card - (only UK) simple, KYC, LN supported - buy BTC with LN, non-custodial - sats back, VISA card - sats back for every purchase

LN+ replied 12 days ago

Great post!

DarthCoin replied 9 days ago

Thanks! At least like that node operators, not only will sit and wait only for others to route txs, but also start moving their sats around with all these amazing services! people have to know that are so many amazing things to do with LN and this is the way we move forward - using the sats as money. 
And this list is not even complete... are much more, will update it slowly.

Pathfinder replied 9 days ago

Whoa, this is an awesome post.  Bookmarked!  Thank you for sharing all this great info @DarthCoin!

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