Let's have some fun with Lightning Network!

Posted 8 days ago by DarthCoin


How to use Blixt wallet with LNTXBOT and Lightning Address.
Let's make some sats moving around!
This is a nice way to test these LN apps and get comfortable using them.

1. Install Blixt wallet & node on your mobile or a friend/family member mobile.

2. Open a channel using Dunder LSP, to have also inbound liquidity (any amount, as you wish/need, see the guide).

3. Send a screenshot to @DarthCoin on Telegram with your channel

4. DarthCoin will send you 300 sats using LNTXBOT  (here is a guide for LNTXBOT )

5. Once you receive them, from Telegram send 200 sats to your Blixt wallet to test. You can just paste the LN invoice from Blixt into @lntxbot chat and will be paid instantly.

6. From your Blixt wallet, use Lightning Address  feature to send back to your LNTXBOT, 100 sats. Add in your Blixt contact list your LN Address (username@lntxbot.com) and send to that address 100 sats. You will receive them back into your LNTXBOT wallet. Each Telegram & LNTXBOT automatically will have a LN Address as username@lntxbot.com.

7. Have fun, test this with more users. Move sats around! Make it happening, Bitcoin have to be used as money in order to win.

8. Send feedback to Blixt Telegram group: https://t.me/blixtwallet

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