Open channels to key nodes helping El Salvador's efforts

Posted over 1 year ago by LN+

IBEX Mercado, a major payment processor in El Salvador wrote on Twitter:
We are happy to announce that we have onboarded dozens of merchants with hundreds of store locations in El Salvador to be ready to accept LN/BTC payments. We would greatly appreciate some inbound liquidity to help us with the #hyperbitcoinization of the region.

Here are their nodes if you want to open to them (minimum 2M SAT):

OpenNode is a global payment processor that helps companies like McDonald's process their payments. Their nodes:

Official Chivo wallet's node:

As I come across other key players, I will add them to this post.


thesimplekid wrote over 1 year ago

Anyone else having an issue connecting to the Chivo node?  Can connect to other nodes fine but an issue with that one SOCKS server failure. 

kcoinLND wrote over 1 year ago

@thesimplekid - same here, get error to Chivo.  Also, the two IBEX nodes are 5M SAT not 2M SAT.

CornKing wrote over 1 year ago

same here, can't connect to Chivo, seeing 5m for IBEX


WindwardMark wrote over 1 year ago

I connected to IBEX and it was 5M min 

The Lorax wrote over 1 year ago

Chivo not allowing connections, still. 

The Lorax wrote over 1 year ago

And I don't want to support OpenNode... 1% fees are bullshit. 

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