RasPi Corrupted. Gotta Resync from 0

Posted 21 days ago by fresheyes

Well, lesson learned. I think I lost power and the SSD got corrupted. So, I wiped the dive and started the sync. It should finish in about five days.

ln01.japan.sh | Shibuya Gateway replied 21 days ago

Hello - I used a Raspberry PI about a year before I created this node and understand the pain of the almost week-long resync.

I found it much faster to setup a Virtual Machine (using something like virtualbox - free), connect the same SSD from the PI and having the more powerful machine download/verify the blockchain. 

I hope you all the best with the resync.

fresheyes replied 20 days ago

That's a great idea! I'll have to try that tonight. Maybe I can get access to my sats by tomorrow morning!

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