Introducing the New LN+ Dashboard

Posted 7 months ago by LN+

Over the past two years, LN+ has significantly expanded its features. To streamline your experience in managing your node on LN+, we are excited to introduce a comprehensive Dashboard. This single-page interface connects you to numerous useful pages, offering a variety of reports, views, and functionalities, including several brand-new features.

Access the dashboard by clicking the "Dashboard" button on the top right if you're signed in to LN+.

LN+ Dashboard (Light Theme)

New Page Descriptions:

  1. Channels: Pending Opening – This page provides a consolidated summary of all channels you are preparing to open on LN+, including those for Liquidity Swaps and Pool Credit Transactions. Instead of navigating through multiple individual pages, this one-stop page allows you to manage everything efficiently.
  2. Channels: Active Obligations – Here, you'll find a list of all channels that you need to maintain open to fulfill your commitments across different services on LN+. It helps ensure you do not breach any agreements.
  3. Channels: Concluded Obligations – This section displays all the channels you can optionally close, as the agreements' end times across various LN+ services have been met. While there's no need to close these channels immediately (in fact, keeping them open longer is beneficial), you have the option if you wish.
  4. Liquidity Swaps: All Agreements List – This page offers a detailed table of all your Liquidity Swap agreements, including information about the nodes involved in each swap. It's particularly helpful for locating specific liquidity swaps based on the node's alias.
  5. Liquidity Swaps: Active Agreements – View a grid of cards representing all active Liquidity Swaps, where the agreement's end date has not yet been reached. Keeping these swaps active involves maintaining the associated channels open.
  6. Liquidity Swaps: Concluded Agreements – Similar to the above, this grid of cards shows all Liquidity Swaps where the agreement has concluded, meaning the end date has passed. Channels in these swaps can be closed without negatively impacting your reputation.

We always appreciate your feedback, especially regarding any functionality issues. Please report any problems so we can promptly address them. Thank you for your continued support of LN+!


EnduraUmb-I wrote 7 months ago

Great - thanks for keeping this site up and running PLUS always creative good new features!

Shtacks_City wrote 7 months ago

Looks great!

 I got this error message when trying to log out of my account:

Error 404
Ouch! The page you were looking for doesn't exist.
You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved.
Please check out the links below to continue:


LN+ Admin wrote 7 months ago

Shtacks_City: Thank you for finding the bug! I fixed the logout link.


μbolt|lnd wrote 7 months ago

This site is getting really good. Thanks for your work, as ever.
Does the Umbrel app work similarly,  new feature being added? 
I prefer websites generally, but have been meaning to take a look.


LN+ Admin wrote 7 months ago

The Umbrel app is a simplified version of this website, but it has some advanced features like for example you can open a channel withing a swap with a single click. No need to copy paste information.

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