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Posted 3 months ago by nakoshi-satamoto

LN-term was originally announced in this post At the time ln-term was in testing phase, and the git repo was blocked by github in mistake. After multiple updates and improvements and testing, I no longer consider LN-term to be beta software. LN-term can be downloaded here

LN-term is a simple shell script to serve the role as a terminal interface dashboard for Core Lightning.
LN-term shows alot of useful information at a glance including a list of all channels and the balance on each side of the channels. Along with the ability to input labels in place of public IDs for nodes. LN-term has almost no dependencies, the only dependency being jq for working with json output. As such, this script does not have a software supply chain risk with massively horrendous dependency trees like python applications do. The code being a shell script, is transparent and also aims to be tiny so that it is very easy to audit easily and rapidly. The comments and documentation within the script are more than the actual lines of code itself. In fact, the actual number of lines of code in this script are around just 40 lines currently.

A preview of channel balances

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nakoshi-satamoto wrote 6 days ago

An update to this tool is coming very soon, to also show balances for onchain BTC, and LBTC when using PeerSwap, along with showing which direct peers support PeerSwap.

I will either announce the update in this post, or a new post when it is ready.

On another note, if you are an LND user, you are welcome to contribute to ln-term to also have support for LND, or maybe even a fork to maintain in parallel. We could call it CLN-term and LND-term to differentiate between the two, or have both the CLN (Core Lightning) and LND version in the same script and specified by a user provided flag (for example, --cln) .

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