Important notice
Our old watchtower with pubkey 0301135932e89600b3582513c648d46213dc425c7666e3380faa7dbb51f7e6a3d6 is being retired. If you're using it currently, please remove it from your node and migrate to the new one described below.

lightning network watchtower

Second Generation

Lightning Network Watchtower

Watchtowers send LN justice transactions when they detect an outdated channel close.

If your node goes down for extended periods of time, there is a possibility of an attack on your channels. A node on the other side of your channel may attempt to force close with an earlier state where they had more of the funds on the channel than the current state is. In this scenario, watchtowers will send a punishing transaction on your node's behalf, taking all the funds of the attacker on the channel and sending them to your node's on-chain wallet.

Watchtowers on LN can only issue the punishing transaction if an attack was detected and can not change the transaction. Therefore, as a watchtower client you don't need to trust the watchtower. You can add more than one watchtower to your node. Learn more about LND Watchtowers.

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LN+ and our technology partner Voltage.Cloud offers a free highly robust altruistic watchtower you can connect to with your node to ensure your funds are secure. We currently offer watchtowers for LND only.

Become a watchtower client by taking the following steps using lnd in command line. Pick Tor or Clearnet for the second step depending on your setup. If you have questions, search the Q&A and ask if no answers found.

Enable Watchtower client


Either add watchtower on Tor

lncli wtclient add 023bad37e5795654cecc69b43599da8bd5789ac633c098253f60494bde602b60bf@iiu4epqzm6cydqhezueenccjlyzrqeruntlzbx47mlmdgfwgtrll66qd.onion:9911

Or add watchtower on Clearnet

lncli wtclient add 023bad37e5795654cecc69b43599da8bd5789ac633c098253f60494bde602b60bf@

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