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Bitcoin Lightning Network Node

Capacity: ~0.419 BTC / Public Channels: 27

LN+ Liquidity Credits: 12.0M SAT
Connection: Tor
Rank: 4 / Mercury
Tor Lightning Address
Last seen 12 days ago · Joined over 1 year ago

High availability Router Node 24/7 ORAC, or 'Operational Research And Computer', was a fictional artificial intelligence featured in the classic British science fiction television series 'Blake's 7' which was created by Terry Nation, who also created the Daleks for Doctor Who. ORAC was created by Ensor, a brilliant scientist who was imprisoned on the planet Aristo by the Terran Federation. ORAC was a powerful computer with vast knowledge and the ability to predict the future. It was smuggled off Aristo by Blake and his crew and became a valuable asset to them in their fight against the Federation. ORAC's name was derived from the word "oracle," which is a person or thing that is believed to be able to predict the future. ORAC's ability to predict the future was not always accurate, but it was often enough to help Blake and his crew stay one step ahead of the Federation. ORAC was a complex and fascinating character. It was both a valuable tool and a liability for Blake and his crew. It could be used to great effect, but it could also be dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands. In the end, ORAC was destroyed by the Federation, but it left a lasting legacy on Blake's 7. Here are some additional details about ORAC: * It was a large, cube-shaped computer with a holographic display. * It was powered by a small nuclear reactor. * It had access to a vast database of information, including historical records, scientific data, and military intelligence. * It could predict the future with a high degree of accuracy, but it was not infallible. * It was vulnerable to attack by telepathic or electronic means. * It was eventually destroyed by the Federation, but its legacy lived on in the form of the Liberator's computer system. Of course, you can’t put a price on life itself, but many institutions and governments may have already. Lets say for arguments sake its Billions of whatever currency. What we have is the problem of trusting that a system will actually work, otherwise we stand to lose a most valuable living asset. This is not so far removed from the ‘Byzantine Generals problem’ The point is this problem was actually solved with the very first Proof of work consensus algorithm. Consider; It is already possible, today to move (transport) billions of currency anywhere in the world virtually instantaneously with no company, no corporation, no bank, no intermediary necessary whatsoever. Teleportation on a global basis is already happening with the second most valuable asset to life itself (money). Predictions from several decades ago that failed to foresee that computers would become much smaller and cheaper were immediately regarded as 'far fetched'. That these changes would enable nearly every business and home to have its own computer to be used for a variety of applications, and that those machines would be linked together (not unlike ORAC), in a world-wide network, were never even considered. Instead, futurist scenarios frequently presented a world of very few, very expensive all-powerful computers the size of large buildings, used only for divining answers to complex problems beyond the ability of man to solve on his own! Yet most (if not all), of Terry Nations visions have become frighteningly real today.

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Hubness Rank: 4651

Weighted for channel sizes: 5000

Lower numbers are better. Measures influence of a given node in the network. Better ranks imply a well-connected node that is linked to other well-connected nodes.

Hopness Rank: 4894

Weighted for channel sizes: 5618

Lower numbers are better. Measures how many hops it takes to reach any node on the network. The better the rank, the fewer the hops are required to reach other nodes.

Betweenness Rank: 600

Weighted for channel sizes: 281

Lower numbers are better. Measures how often this node falls on the shortest path between other nodes. The better the rank, the more likely the node will route a payments.

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This bitcoin lightning network node identified by the pubkey: 0256ab9b7d257b30dc7308b7a9556b4793c9c3824989feaf0bfdafdb867278f7ee also known by the alias: ORAC is accessible on the lightning network address: 0256ab9b7d257b30dc7308b7a9556b4793c9c3824989feaf0bfdafdb867278f7ee@iz3zdiwmrygaw2nspsvfnewcaun3yucc2hecicf746l5xzsf4ywu2vad.onion:9735 .

The node has 27 channels, and a total channel capacity of: 41,870,001 Satoshis, which is equivalent to ~0.419 BTC. The node's physical location and IP address is protected by the Tor network to preserve privacy. The node's hex color is #ffa500. The information regarding this node and it channels has been updated last on 2024-07-10 02:01:58 UTC.

This node page has been claimed by user: ORAC and has been verified through a digital signature as well. The user has created their account over 1 year ago, and has been last seen 12 days ago.

The user has participated in 23 swaps on LightningNetwork+. The node operator has opened 23 channels to LN+ users through Swaps. The user has received 24 positive ratings from other users. The user has generously donated to LN+ to support the operation of the site.

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