Critical alert for lnd users: Update your node to v0.15.4

Posted about 1 month ago by LN+

An update for lightning network daemon (lnd) has been released that fixes a critical bug that was triggered by an unusually large transaction. This is the second time such a bug has surfaced within the last 2 weeks, but hopefully it's been now resolved for good thanks to the quick work by the btcd and lnd teams. 🙏

If you're running a managed node on Voltage.Cloud or with Umbrel, the services provide you with a one click update. Otherwise, you need to update yourself.

It's very important to update, otherwise your node will be stuck on Bitcoin block 761248. Without the update, funds in your channels may be at risk, and you will not be able to send, receive or route payments.

If you have a friend or collegue who doesn't attent to their node frequently, reach out to them and advise them to update as well.

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Dora-The-Explorer replied about 1 month ago

What is "Ind".  My node is Umbrel version 0.5.1  
I am not being prompted to update when I log in to my Umbrel account .
Does this mean my one click update is broken?
What should I do to fix it?

Thank you,

LN+ replied about 1 month ago

Dora, on Umbrel lnd is somewhat confusingly called "Lightning Node" (you likely have it) and you can check the version if you go to your App Store and select Lightning Node. The version is mentioned in the right sidebar. If you're on 0.15.4, you're good.

Stinger32LND replied 30 days ago


Umbrel 0.5.3 is the most current. That being said LN+ is correct, under the App Store it is called "lightnign Node". When you open the Lightning Node app my version was listed in the top left LND 0.15.4-beta. This is the most current patch/fix/iteration.



Dora-The-Explorer replied 27 days ago

My node appears to be stuck in an earlier version of Umbrel.  I am working with their support to fix it.

Dora-The-Explorer replied 27 days ago

I am on Umbrel Version

an updates is not working

LN+ replied 26 days ago

Did you change the repo manually earlier?

Dora-The-Explorer replied 15 days ago

I am all set.  I upgraded to the latest Umbrel.
However I see all my channels appear closed.  Why?

LN+ replied 15 days ago

It's likely because you appeared down from your peer's side and they force closed to ensure nobody loses funds. Sorry about this. Very annoying.

Dora-The-Explorer replied 10 days ago

How do I re attach?

Dora-The-Explorer replied 10 days ago

Also, were my sats returned to me?  I seem to be missing some.

LN+ replied 9 days ago

You have to re-open the channels anew. You have your funds on chain. Check your on-chain transactions history. 

Dora-The-Explorer replied 9 days ago

1) Are you saying go to the same ones that appear closed and reopen them?  How? Attached is a screenshot of what I see in my swaps.
2) How do I check on-chain transactions? What am I looking for?

Thank you
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LN+ replied 8 days ago

1) Since all those swaps are expired you don't have to re-open them. You can just enter into new swaps.
2) On-chain transactions are regular bitcoin transactions (not lightning). You should be able to see incoming transactions from the channel closes. What app do you use to monitor your lightning node? I can give you specific instructions based on your answer.

Dora-The-Explorer replied 6 days ago

Thank you!
I am using Umbrel and am learning Thunderhub and Ride the Lightning

LN+ replied 6 days ago

In Thunderhub there is a page called Chain. That's where you can see closed channel incoming funds.

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